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We’ve got lots of free tips, guides and downloads for you, as well as reading recommendations and jargon busters. See what you fancy and feel free to help yourself.

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We have lots of free tip sheets on various marketing topics. Try this one for starters on how and why to blog.

Jargon Buster

If you’re pulling together a marketing brief, or are planning on having a conversation with a marketer any time soon, getting to grips with the most commonly used jargon could help.

We were going to write a big list, but there’s  so many good ones out there already, we just thought we share some of the best:

This Book

Now in its second edition with lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon, Watertight Marketing is your go-to marketing companion.

Watertight Marketing Book - Second Edition-Angled

Profit Leak Diagnosis

We can give you access to a unique diagnostic tool that quickly identifies where you might be loosing profit through poor or no marketing. It’s an online process that takes around 90 minutes and comes complete with a traffic lighted report of findings. Please ask if this is of interest (Terms apply). 


A free learning account from Watertight Marketing with access to lots of videos and self help tools to accompany on your journey of marketing excellence.

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More Free Downloads

Or tip sheets and help guides combine years of experience but are bang up-to-date with current-day trends and techniques. Here’s just a few of them. Please ask if you would like one.

  • How to structure a case study
  • Why you need checklists
  • Linkedin techniques and other social media wizardry
  • How to brief a marketer
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As well as brilliant TedTalks, there’s lots of great videos on marketing at Watertigth Markeitng.


 Cheryl is incredibly organised, always on hand with fantastic marketing ideas and goes above and beyond to get the job done. Not to mention just a thoroughly lovely lady to work with!”

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