Watertight Marketing Confidence & Clarity Conference

(2020 dates yet to be announced)

Further to 2018's powerful & practical two-day marketing conference in Bristol, Watertight Marketing are doing it all again. Join the growing community of entrepreneurs and industry experts using Watertight Marketing to underpin your business growth. You will be warmly welcomed to learn, share and connect. There is also talk of the launch of the second edition of Watertight Marketing during the conference.

More details will be published when avaialble.


4 Steps to long-term sales results (free online Webinar):

Free online webinar (Watertight Marketing website) »


Small Business Saturday Inspire Series:

These are UK-wide and cover a variety of business-related topics. Cheryl sometimes appears at these talking on all things marketing, so please keep checking back for announcements »


Small Business Saturday 'Do It Digital' Bus Tour:

Cheryl has previously been invited to give talks on the infamous Small Business Saturday bus. She focusses on identifying profit leaks in growing businesses and also why it's important to think digital first. More importantly she's explored the notion of 'thinking mobile first' with marketing and she also be gives lots of practical tips and advice on how to stop leaking profit through poor marketing. Please keep an eye on the Small Business Saturday website for more information »


Please get in touch if you would like Cheryl to appear at one of your events, or if you would like a marketing workshop at your place of business.

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